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The Odyssey Critical Evaluation - Essay

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The Odyssey and Propaganda

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In the Odyssey, Homer is using both Odysseus and Penelope to illustrate two different kinds of personas that are adding to the overall plot of the story.

As far as the. Penelope in The Odyssey and Juana in The Pearl are the most obvious, although there are many. The Odyssey essays / Homer & The Odyssey.

Essay/Term paper: Homer & the odyssey

Homer, name traditionally assigned to the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two major epics of Greek antiquity. If one were to only have a very fit and strong body, lacking mental ability, to the.

In Homer's Odyssey, the women are portrayed in many different ways, some are said to be wise while others are cruel, but many are treated differently from the opposite gender. One of the women in the story, Penelope, was portrayed as very wise but because of her gender she was expected to obey /5(6).

(Penelope:) '[ ] and now again a beloved son is gone on a hollow ship, an innocent all unversed in fighting and speaking, and it is for him I grieve even more than for that other one, and tremble for him and fear, lest something should happen to him either in the country where he has gone, or on.

By associating Penelope’s grief with concrete details such as word choice, habitual sleep, and the physical world, Homer helps communicate the extent of her grief to the reader. Penelope has an articulate way of expressing her grief.

Strong penelope of homers odyssey essay
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Penelope, Virtuous Wife of Odysseus - The Role of Women in the Art of Ancient Greece